Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Totorial Smokey Eyes

Assalamualaikum warohmatullah hiwabarokatuh :)

Saya teruja bila membaca teknik solekan 'smokey eyes'. Hajat hati macam nak cuba je. Let me understand it first..

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 6-7 Minutes

Here's How:

Apply your other makeup first. Skip adding concealer under your eyes though, since eyeshadow “fallout” will get trapped there and make your eyes look dark. Instead, apply your concealer after you finish your eyes. Also, make sure you get your blush in place before starting your eyes. When you have blush on your cheeks, it helps you to not overly makeup your eye area.

Prime your eye lids. You should set a good base for the eyeshadow to lie on, so prime your eye lids by using an eyeshadow base, or in order to save money you can use an oil-free concealer or foundation. After applying the primer, allow it to dry before beginning your shadow.

Apply a neutral colored base shadow. This should be applied over your entire eye lid, from lash to brow bone. Choose a good neutral beige that will basically blend in well. If possible, find one with a shimmer, not a glitter.

Line your eyes. Using a black eye pencil, line the entire eye, upper lid and lower lash line. Get as close to your lashes as possible, and use your fingertip to move your lid around in order to get the liner into your lashline.

Soften the liner. By using a small eyeshadow brush, or in a pinch you can use a Q-tip, gently go over the liner to help soften the effect.

Apply black eyeshadow. Use either the sponge-tipped applicator that comes with eyeshadow, or a Q-tip, to apply black powder eyeshadow over the now softened eyeliner. Only do the top lid for now, since you have not applied your under eye concealer yet. Once you apply the eyeshadow, use the applicator, the Q-tip, or your finger to gently smudge the shadow.

Apply your general shadow. You will need to choose a nice brown or gray shadow to apply to your eyelid area. . You should apply the color with either the applicator or an eyeshadow brush, starting at the lash line and going to the crease of your lid, and ending directly under your brow bone. The basic effect will look like an oval when you close your eye, more or less.

Sweep under your eyes. Use a powder brush, or cotton balls, to sweep away any eyeshadow from under your eye area. With this done, you can apply your concealer and powder.

Apply black shadow to bottom. Just as in step 6, apply a black powder shadow to the softened eye liner, with an applicator or Q-tip, then smudge.

Encircle your eye with the general shadow. Using the shadow you selected for step 7, gently and gradually blend the eyeshadow into a circle around your eye area. This means applying and smudging the shadow under the eyes as well. Just make sure not to go too far under the eye or you will get the raccoon effect.

Coat your lashes with black mascara. Try using a good black mascara, such as Maybelline Colossal Mascara in Black, and make sure to apply 2-3 coats on top and at least 2 on bottom.

Check your work. Once your mascara is dried, check your work and blend any areas that stand out. Now is also a good time to gently sweep your powder brush, or cotton balls, under your eyes to remove any of the additional eyeshadow “fallout” from steps 9 and 10.


  1. To save even more money, find a black eyeshadow that works well wet and use it as your eye liner too, such as Max Factor MAXeye in Precious Metals.
  2. Don’t be afraid to use color, instead of brown or gray for your general eyeshadow. Dark blues and dark greens are always great to use for a smokey eye look, but also gives some fun color as well. Try to find one that goes with your dress.
  3. To add a little extra fun to your lashes, use a black mascara as a base and then apply a colored mascara to the tips.
  4. Adding a little shimmer to a smokey eye can be fun. So try a shimmer pod, such as Bon Bons, and add a little to the corner of your eyes, under your brow, and directly above the pupil on your lid.
  5. The biggest tip is to remember to play down your lips since you played up your eyes. Try putting a neutral, lip-toned, liner on your lips and then a little gloss.

What You Need

  • Eyeshadow base or an oil-free concealer or foundation
  • A neutral base shadow (a slight shimmer is okay)
  • Black eyeshadow (finding one you can wet can take the place of the black eyeline
  • Black Eyeliner (see black eyeshadow first)
  • A general eyeshadow, such as brown or gray (for fun use a dark jeweled color)
  • A good mascara
  • Sponge tip applicators, eyeshadow brush, or Q-tips
(ehsan pokcik google)

Bila dah faham sikit-sikit tu kena la buat totorial pula kan..Pagi ni aku cuba buat dalam kereta on my way to office. Sbb kat rumah langsung tak sempat..dengan my lil baby lagi..macam-macam nk kena settle before keluar rumah tu. Hasilnya nanti i post k....hikhik

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