Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Photoshoot KEBAYA by Ilham Qaseh Pictures

Assalamualaikum warohamtullahi wabarokatuh,

Di kesempatan ini, saya ingin berkongsi cerita sekitar sesi bergambar yang di ilhamkan oleh Ilham Qaseh Pictures. Lokasinya di sekitar tasik Taman Metropolitan Kepong. 
Saya begitu teruja menjadi MUA untuk sesi ini. Model saya yang berkebaya kuning. Great job Anne Niey dan kita berjaya menghasilkan mood yang sangat seronok..Walau mula-mula tu kami tersesat jalan mencari lokasi. Terima kasih kepada Ilham Qaseh Pictures di atas hasil usaha anda.

Sekitar sesi bergambar bersama jurufoto

dan inilah hasil dari professional..yg kat atas tadi tu dr iphones saya..hahaa tk professional pun..just suka2 di belakang tabir..

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Party Of The Year in June 2012

Assalamualaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh :)
Long time no see.. hehe
There's life must go on..

On 16th of June, I went to this really exciting party called Party Of The Year 2012. The event location at Cyberview Resort and SPA. It's not only beauty consultant from KL..It's from all over Malaysia..included Sabah & Sarawak. So happening and I was so excited. Nothing much word that I can said except..the WOW factor when participate this event.

I've upload some pictures.. YES..the women..out there..this is oppourtunity to encouraging you to Enrich Women Life..

Me..the complexion is gain better and better.. :)

 There's the scaft from ESDD Nafisah Omar

Out door games.. shoot the ping pong ball..


There other team giving support to their team members...cheer ladies

Photoshoot sessions.. Me with Zul..the queen of sales :) really adore you

Me @ lagoon.. so nice..peace thinking of my kids.. perhaps one day I can bring them here..swimming

Time of lunch

Bon apatate

Waiting for next games

With BFF..Dewi Farah.. Congrates to got the many of beauty consultant under you..

Got the prasent..pillow of album and so many more

Waiting for my hubby to picking me back.. Darling you should be here..someday

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